about us:
An idea born in rugged vermont

New England is a land of stone, with more than 250,000 miles of chest-high rock walls zigzagging across its pristine landscape as proof. It’s the environment that inspired the idea of a landscapers cart capable of taming its rocky soil. Originally known as the Wheeled Hand Tool System, we are Rhino Tool Systems.

Invented for the greater good

By lifelong conservationist, inventor, and forester, Gerry Hawkes

As a lifelong forester in Vermont’s mountains, Gerry often needed to clear land of stones and logs in remote terrains unsuitable for heavy machinery. Driven by a passion for preserving landscapes, he invented a portable solution to the common New England problem of stone clearing. 

After sixteen design modifications, he created a tool capable of navigating rugged terrain and lifting large stones without harming the ecosystem. Initially known as Wheeled Hand Tool Systems, COVID disrupted its production in 2020. Three years later, we discovered Gerry’s YouTube channel and website while searching for a tool to move heavy stones. The first time we saw the tool in action, we knew it was exactly what we needed to complete our landscape vision for our property. Despite the notice that the Wheeled Hand Tool System was sold out, we contacted Gerry anyway. That conversation led to the rebirth of the his brilliant invention renamed Rhino Tool Systems.

Gerry is also the inventor of Workhorse Ground Solutions, ground protection panels that are used by the United States military for flooring in military bases around the world. He is also the owner of Forest Savers, a forestry and land management company based in Vermont.

About Us: Meet the Rhino Team

Rhino Tool Systems teammate Bonnie using the Rock Hauler

Bonnie is the backbone of the enterprise, making sure all the logistics and communication happen seamlessly. In her free time, Bonnie loves to work in her ever-expanding garden where she uses the Rhino to make it all look pretty.

Rhino Tool Systems teammate Brett using the Rock Hauler

Brett is a landscaping enthusiast who loves to create inviting spaces using natural elements like moss and stone. He believes the Rhino Tool System is the greatest thing in this world since sliced bread and it’s his job to make you think so, too.

Michael, fabricator of the Rhino Tool System

Michael is a mechanically minded creative type who finds inspiration in building with steel. He’s a mechanical engineer and welder by trade, Michael builds each and every Rhino Tool System by hand with the utmost attention to detail.

good for our planet

We proudly build the Rhino Tool System because of the good it offers our planet. Its uncompromising strength and endurance make it a green choice for your outdoor projects for years to come.

eco friendly icon

Move stones and lumber without burning one drop of fossil fuels. Never destroy delicate landscapes with heavy equipment treads.

lifetime warranty icon

Crafting the Rhino Tool System to last a lifetime reduces the need for frequent replacements, manufacturing waste, and its overall environmental footprint.

Made in usa icon

Cargo ships from Asia to North America produce more emissions than most individual countries, which is why we insist on building the Rhino right here in America.

Strength icon

Lift like never before in a safe and fun way. Tackle new projects you never thought possible. Reduce your risk of injury. After all, what’s good for you is good for the planet, too!

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