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rhino tool systems Configurations

We proudly offer two standard configurations of the Rhino Tool System built on the same multi-purpose steel frame. The Rock Hauler rock cart provides the attachments you need to safely pry up and move cumbersome stones, while our Log Hauler log cart allows you to lever up and move logs of any length. Want both? Add accessories to either configuration to have all the components you need to transform your landscape.

Meet The Rock Hauler

Rhino Tool Systems rock hauler profile view.

The Rhino’s most popular configuration.  Our rock cart is made to pry up and haul away the biggest, baddest stones! The solid steel pry bars are built tough as rhino horns to dislodge and lift stones that weigh hundreds of pounds. The self-locking steel clamp bites down hard so rocks don’t escape during transport. Use it clamp down on logs, move trash cans, haul stone bags, or clear debris. The steel wheel shield blocks cargo from rubbing against tires and can be reconfigured with the upright posts and back mesh accessories to become the Log Hauler. 

Rhino Tool Systems landscapers cart Rock Hauler in detail profile view.

Solid steel double pry bars 

Self-locking double clamp arm 

Patented Universal Steel Frame with expanded steel cargo support

Dual flat proof tires with 800 lbs load capacity

Ergonomic folding handle bars.

Stainless steel axle

INCLUDES: Universal Frame with expanded steel base, stainless steel axle with lynch pins, dual flat-proof tires, schedule 40 steel ergonomic handles, solid steel double pry bars, solid steel self-locking double clamp arm, and multi-purpose wheel shield. It’s the rock cart you’ll be giving to your grandkids someday.

meet The Log Hauler

Lumber Hauler landscapers cart shown in front of firewood pile.

The log cart that lifts for you! Handle logs like never before. Lever up felled logs for easy transport, or use the Log Cart as a stable chainsaw base to section levered up logs into stackable rounds. Easily move railroad ties, utility poles, lumber, carpet rolls, and corrugated pipe without a second set of hands thanks to the load bearing steel cross brace and upright posts securing the forward portion of the log and the steel back mesh providing a second point of contact. Unlike heavy equipment, it fits through fence gates and won’t damage turf. 

Lumber Hauler landscapers cart shown in front of firewood pile.

Expanded steel back mesh for upper and lower load support

Dual flat proof tires with 800 lbs load capacity

Patented Universal Steel Frame with expanded steel cargo support

Ergonomic folding handle bars

Quick release steel upright posts

Load bearing steel cross brace

INCLUDES: Universal Frame with expanded steel base, stainless steel axle with lynch pins, dual flat-proof tires, schedule 40 steel ergonomic handles, expanded steel back mesh support, load bearing steel cross brace with dual upright supports, quick release steel upright posts. It’s one sweet log cart.

switch configurations in seconds

Want the rock cart and the log cart configurations? No problem! Because the Rock Hauler  and Log Hauler  are built upon the same Universal Frame, you can go from hauling cumbersome stones to moving lumber in a matter of seconds. Check out the additional accessories below to build the right Rhino Tool System for you.

Rhino Tool Systems:

Accessories and add-ons

The Rock Hauler and Log Hauler are fully equipped to get you started. Accessorize your Rhino Tool System for more ways to get more done.

Expanded steel back mesh

Full detail of EXPANDED STEEL Back Mesh for Rhino Tool Systems Lumber Hauler landscapers cart

Included in the Log Hauler. Add to the Rock Hauler for securing loads added to the base of the cart. In most instances, a set of bungee cords can secure cargo, but the back mesh provides additional support. Detent pins included.


handle connector bar

Handle connector bar attached to two handles of the Rhino Tool Systems landscapers cart

Add more power to your push! Ideal for assisting in hauler heavier loads by add your body weight while pushing. Also greatly assists in pulling uphill. Add a strap to it for even more pulling power. Detent pins included.


Trailer Hitch

Rhino Tool System Trailer Hitch attached to the frame

Haul the Rhino with your riding lawn mower or tractor! The ideal solution for hauling long distances, uphill, or when your Rhino is loaded to capacity. Detent pins included.


Upright Posts

Lumber Hauler landscapers cart upright posts of the Rhino Tool System accessories

Included in the Log Hauler. Vertical upright posts that stabilize logs and other long cargo. Used in conjunction with the Rock Hauler’s wheel shield components to create the front configuration of the Log Hauler. Two detent pins included.


Root and post puller

Root and Post puller in action pulling up a sapling.

Remove shrubs, posts, poles, and more. Using the same leverage principle, the Shrub and Post Puller attaches to the front end of the Rhino Frame. Wrap the chain around your target and secure it the notches, then pull. Two detent pins included.


Additional Flat proof tire

Flat proof tire attached to the Rhino Tool System

The Rhino Tool System’s stainless steel axle allows for three flat proof tires (two outside the frame and one inside the frame). Increase its load capacity to 1800 pounds by adding a third wheel.


Set of 10 Extra Detent Pins

3/8" Detent pins product photo

When changing applications on the fly, it’s possible to misplace a detent pin or two in tall grass or debris. There are some additional holes in the Universal Frame to carry a few extra. We recommend carrying a few spares with you to avoid a frustrating trip to the hardware store. Comes in a set of ten.



The Rhino Tool System front extensions added to the Lumber Hauler.

Two schedule 40 steel pipes with tapered ends to fit into the universal frame to extend the load bearing cross brace of the Lumber Hauler to increase loads of logs and firewood. Add to the clamp arm assembly of the Rock Hauler to increase the height to the clamp arm when securing tall items like barrels and trash cans. Two detent pins included. 


dual purpose wheel shield

The dual purpose Wheel shield attached to frame of Rock Hauler landscapers cart.

Included in the Rock Hauler. Protects wheels from cargo rubbing against the tires from above and rear portion of the cart. Attaches to the frame with steel brackets and detent pins. Capable of bearing loads up to 300 pounds. Add to the Lumber Hauler to stack and carry firewood. Six detent pins included. 


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