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The landscaper's cart that does the heavy lifting for you.

The ONLY landscaper's cart that:

"The Swiss Army knife of landscaping tools"

The landscaper's cart with lifting power

The Rock Hauler configuration shown here harnesses the power of leverage to do the heavy lifting for you. And since the Rhino Tool Systems’ center of gravity is so low to the ground, you can roll stones, tree root balls, barrels and tree rounds onto its base instead of lifting them into a wagon or wheelbarrow. No more risk of blowing out your back or crushing your precious fingers and toes! It’s the most versatile landscaper’s cart on the market.

the Rhino tool systems configurations

The foundation of the Rhino Tool Systems landscaper’s cart is its patented Universal Frame, a stainless steel axle with lynch pins, dual flat proof wheels, and the steel, ‘S’ shaped, ergonomic handle bars. Every component is forged with American steel and attaches to the Universal Frame with zinc, quick release detent pins and require no tools for assembly or application changes. We offer the Rhino Tool System in two base configurations, the Rock Hauler and Log Hauler, with the ability to add additional components to each system sold as accessories. 

Rock Hauler

Includes two ultra-tough, steel pry bars to do the heavy lifting, and the double-prong steel clamp assembly to secure loads for transport and a multi-purpose wheel shield to protect against load interference.

LOG Hauler

Includes the solid steel post rack and dual vertical supports used for levering logs, poles, and timber off of the ground onto its horizontal base, two quick-release upright posts for securing cargo and one expanded steel back mesh support to provide a second point of contact for cargo and additional support for cargo placed on the frame.

one-of-a-kind, Tool-Free assembly

Rhino Tool Systems rock hauler profile view.

You dream of making the perfect landscape, but all the heavy lifting is a nightmare.

It means lifting cumbersome stones, and risk injuring your back every time you muscle one into the wheelbarrow. It means stabbing at rocks with a 20 pound pry bar or snapping a shovel handle to dig it out. Then there’s moving big, busted tree limbs and downed logs, requiring a second set of hands to lift them. You’d rent a skid steer, but heavy equipment tread can tear your yard to shreds. None of it’s any fun….unless you have the Rhino Tool Systems landscaper’s cart.

The Rhino Tool Systems landscaper’s cart makes hard work fun! You’ll look forward to prying out rocks and hauling them away. And levering up a log with the Rhino feels like performing a magic trick! It’s easier than you think to lift oversize objects, thanks to the patented frame design that uses the power of leverage to do the heavy lifting for you. Since it’s built from solid steel, there’s no rock or log out there that can hurt it. We guarantee it.

Rhino Tool Systems landscapers cart help you accomplish more icon

Accomplish more by yourself

Accomplish more with less effort. Leverage is a force multiplier and is the essence of the Rhino Tool System.

infographic claiming Rhino Tool Systems landscapers cart can reduce injury risk

reduce the risk of injury

Eliminate lifting! The low profile frame allows you to roll heavy objects on board from the sides and rear.

Rhino Tool Systems landscapers cart do not require storage like a wagon or wheelbarrow

fully disassembles to fit anywhere

Unlike wheelbarrows and carts, the Rhino fully disassembles without tools. Store it under a shelf or hang it on a peg board.

formerly known as wheeled hand tool systems

Prior to 2024, Rhino Tool Systems was sold as Wheeled Hand Tool Systems for more than a decade. During that time, we sold to hundreds of satisfied customers who discovered our landscapers cart on YouTube. Though our name has changed, we promise the same standard of quality and a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship. See what others have said about us:

rhino tool systems keep Landscapes pristine

Rhino Tool Systems garden cart can fit through a standard size gate like this blue one in a garden.

Open up your courtyard or small garden space to new design possibilities! The Rhino Tool Systems landscapers cart can fit through standard size gates and doorways, allowing you to easily haul large stones into tight spaces to build water features, xeriscapes, and more. And because of the Rhino’s ability to carry large logs and big tree rounds, it can greatly assist in removing felled trees out of places where heavy equipment can’t go, saving you from the back-breaking task of carrying them out by hand. 

Fixing one problem
shouldn't cause another

Skid steer making a mess

Heavy equipment isn’t always the best solution. Don’t make removing gates and tearing up grass a part of any project unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you need to move something heavy into a smaller space, the Rhino Tool Systems garden cart can probably do it. It has a load capacity up to 1200 pounds and doesn’t require you to do the lifting. 

Muddy tracks from a truck in grass

Built to the highest standards

We take quality seriously because no one wants to works with cheap, unreliable tools. The Rhino Tool System garden cart is built to the highest standards,  right here in America and every components is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Chances are you’ll be giving it to your grandkids someday.

Rhino Tool Systems landscapers carts are made in America

Each component of Rhino Tool Systems is engineered and built by hand in the foothills of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Rhino Tool Systems landscapers carts offer a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship

We stand behind our work, which means if any steel part every breaks or bends, we will send you another one, no questions asked.

Rhino Tool Systems landscapers carts use 100% steel parts

Jobs like prying up stones and hauling lumber require tough tools. We’ve overbuilt the Rhino Tool Systems components to last for generations.

profile view of rock hauler lifting a large stone
Wheel shield detail view of Rhino Tool Systems Rock Hauler landscapers cart
Full detail of EXPANDED STEEL Back Mesh for Rhino Tool Systems Lumber Hauler landscapers cart
Detail of the double pry bars of the Rhino Tool Systems landscapers cart.
9x16 view of the Rhino Tool System rock hauler assembly
Lumber Hauler landscapers cart showing the detail of front support attachments
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