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Rhino Tool Systems is more than just a brand; it’s a commitment to empowering you. We blend innovation with durability, ensuring every tool stands the test of time.

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Outdoor Projects Can Be Tough

Diverse Tools for Every Challenge

From our signature rolling levers to versatile clamp assemblies, Rhino Tool Systems is tailored for every heavy-lifting need. Choose the right tool, be it for rocks, logs, or poles, and let’s make heavy lifting feel light.

The Rock Sheriff

Pry up and haul away rocks too heavy to move with conventional tools.

The Lumber Wrangler

Makes quick work of any tree trunk. Lever it up, cut it up, and then stack it up to move wherever it needs to go.

Real Stories, Powerful Outcomes

Our Community is growing, and their stories are a testament to the Rhino promise. Discover how we’ve transformed heavy lifting challenges into easy tasks for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

We put it to good use over the Labor Day Weekend, My family really enjoyed using it on our beach, they helped clear almost all of our large boulders off the beach. That alone was worth the price of admission!
Paul C
Upstate NY
We’ve moved over half of these stones to our creek to help stop the erosion and could not of done it without your wheeled hand tool for the large rock with rolling lever. The photo attached is of me. I admit I moved a small amount of the large stones while my husband move almost all of them. I have to mention that your wheeled tool system encouraged us and made the job a bit fun. We feel rallied to finished the job and are enjoying the benefit of terrific exercise because of it!
Kathy and Dave Anderson
Poolesville, MD
I did quite a bit of work today with the 2 wheel configuration and am really impressed with the versatility and effectiveness for rock removal. The claw attachment can be a real asset with the larger rocks I found. The ability to tilt the unit vertically to sink the prongs beside a rock is really a good feature. I did not need a prybar all day. Pulling rocks was almost fun today!
Murray Beidler
Upstate New York

Your device worked successfully. We used it to transport stone slabs weighing 385 lbs. apiece uphill. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Charles Holder

Bought this and it is everything they say it is, really awesome, effortlessly managed very large boulders. Very well made, actually havent seen this kind of quality in a piece of equipment in a very long time. What I really like is the versatility and modular aspect, adding components with such ease that expands the use of the tool.

Anthony Romeo
New York

Received the hand cart yesterday and was out in the snow digging up some rocks to test the rig. It’s exactly what I need! Thanks for making a well built quality tool that will keep on working long after I’m gone.

Stuart Powsey
Cumberland, British Columbia

We pulled an inch-and-a-half buckthorn tree and a full size multi-stemmed honeysuckle with a trunk that was over three inches in diameter at the base.

Henry Homeyer
Gardening Columnist

We are putting the shrub and post puller to good use. It is working great

Mi Wuk Village, CA

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