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Rock Hauler


Outdoor projects are easier and safer with the Rhino Tool System’s Rock Hauler! Move big rocks, logs, oversized pots, barrels, debris, and more without lifting or filling a gas tank. Say goodbye to lifting-induced injuries, busted fingers, and crushed toes. The secret to our rock cart’s strength is old-fashioned leverage. The patented, solid steel frame maximizes levering capability, allowing you to easily lift and move stones that exceed your weight. Best of all, using the Rock Hauler is simple: Position the double pry bars underneath the stone, then lower the clamp to secure it.

The Rock Hauler doesn’t require any mechanical parts or fossil fuels, making it virtually maintenance free. Since every part is 100% steel,  you can rely on our rock cart’s durability and power to create amazing landscapes. It’s the perfect rock cart for landscape professionals, weekend warriors, and homesteaders. The Rock Hauler’s features include:

  • Double pry bar system to dislodge and carry massive stones and debris.
  • Self-locking clamp assembly to secure payload for easy transport.
  • Hassle-free application changes that don’t require tools to change components.
  • Minimal storage required. Easy disassembly to store under a shelf or on a pegboard.
  • 100% steel construction guarantees the Rock Hauler’s durability and longevity.
  • Flat-proof tires for heavy-duty hauling, plus an optional third wheel capability to haul even more.
  • Multi-purpose Wheel Shield that protects wheels from loads positioned on the center portion of the frame.
Weight120 lbs
Dimensions50 × 30 × 8 in

What's Included

  1. Universal Frame – Made from rugged, 11 gauge, 2″ x 2″ (5 cm x 5 cm) square tubular steel with angle steel cross pieces.  Stainless steel sleeves are welded into the frame to receive the axle.  Multiple spaced holes allow for quick attachment of interchangeable accessories.  Open, reinforced, tubular frame ends at the front and rear allow for easy interchange of handles, hitches, leverage tools, and other attachments. Expanded steel mesh base for load support. Alkaline washed and zinc undercoated before being powder coated in a hammer tone silver.
  2. Handle BarsRugged structural steel pipe bent into a modified ‘S’ shape. Inserts into the sockets at the rear of the universal frame.  When handles are in use, the universal frame stays low and parallel to the ground for optimum load carrying and balance, yet maintains ample clearance. When parked, the handles can be easily pivoted down for rolling or sliding heavy loads onto the frame. Powder coated red.
  3. Stainless Steel Axle3/4″ diameter with holes for quick release lynch pins at each end.  Doesn’t rust and corrode like regular carbon steel. Two self-locking lynch pins included.
  4. Two Flat Proof Wheels – Foam filled, puncture proof tire that will never go flat. 15″ diameter x 4″ wide tire with 6″ long axle hub (40.6 cm x 10.2 cm x 15.2 cm) with larger 3/4″ sealed bearings. **The manufacturer’s rated load capacity per tire & wheel assembly is 670 pounds, but we are only rating individual wheel capacity at 400 pounds until we have extensive customer feedback of satisfactory, long term performance with individual wheel loadings well in excess of 400 pounds.**
  5. Wheel Shield – Structural steel pipe components that mount the to universal frame with solid steel brackets held fast with 3/8″ steel detent pins. The wheel shield can be converted into a lumber carrier attachment when it is reconfigured to the front of the frame and upright posts are added. Powder coated red.
  6. Twin Pry BarsStructural steel pipe stepped down to from 1.66″ (4.2 cm) diameter to 1.32″ (3.35 cm) diameter pipe then to 1″ (2.54 cm) solid round to provide ample strength for severe duty levering of rock, debris and more. Hole near large end accepts a quick attach pin (detent pin) and mounts to front of universal frame. Smaller end is bent slightly upward and ground flat to allow good penetration under objects and good support/balance to objects that are lifted. Powder coated Red.
  7. Clamp AssemblyThe rugged clamp arm is formed from paired, 3/4″ square steel recurved bars spaced 2″ apart with a large curve on one end and a smaller curve on the other. A double slide/lock ring nearer the end of the clamp arm with the smaller curve allows it to be easily moved up and down on a vertical pipe.  The clamp arm can be positioned anywhere on the vertical pipe, facing any direction and either side up. The vertical pipe pins to the front of the universal frame with two bolts with wing nuts that come inserted into the vertical pipe bracket. Uses the included bolts and wing nuts, not detent pins. The combination of the clamp arm and the vertical pipe constitutes the clamp assembly.
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